Researchers interested in work in the age of intelligent machines

Kimberly Stowers
University of Alabama
Kurt Luther
Virginia Tech
Laura Forlano
Illinois Institute of Technology
Lei Jing
Stevens Institute of Technology
Lilly Irani
University of California, San Diego
Lionel P. Robert Jr.
University of Michigan
Liz Dowthwaite
University of Nottingham
Luke Stark
Dartmouth College
Malte Ziewitz
Cornell University
Manju Ahuja
University of Louisville
Margaret Levi
Stanford University
Maria Binz-Scharf
City University of New York
Marion Fourcade
University of California, Berkeley
Marjolaine Rostain
Emlyon Business School
Mark Aakhus
Rutgers University
Mark Graham
Oxford University
Martha Garcia-Murillo
Syracuse University
Mary Beth Watson-Manheim
University of Illinois at Chicago
Mary Gray
Masashi Goto
Keio University
Matt Beane
University of California, Santa Barbara