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Members of the WAIM network are developing the understanding needed to jointly design both sides of the human-technology frontier in work settings and using intelligent machines. Join now by clicking .

HCOMP Workshop

This all-day workshop has the aim of promoting research convergence among participants on topics related to future forms of work (i.e., humans doing their jobs) with intelligent machines. We define intelligent machines as computing technologies characterized by autonomy, the ability to learn, and the ability to interact with other systems and with humans: robots and algorithms interacting with people.

Invited speakers for the Convergence Conference: Autonomous vehicles in society

A list of invited speakers for the has been posted. Invited speakers include:

Round table on The Future of Work: Intelligent Machines, Automation, and Societal Impacts

There will be a webcast round table on The Future of Work: Intelligent Machines, Automation, and Societal Impacts presented by the South Big Data Hub on Thursday, April 12 from Noon to 1:15 PM EDT. See more details .

Registration is now open for the Convergence Conference

Registration is now open for the , to be held 18-19 May 2018 in East Lansing, MI. You can register . It is still possible to submit posters and to request student travel funding; details are on the registration page.

Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines: Towards Disciplinary Convergence, Academy of Management PDW

This all-day PDW aims to promote disciplinary convergence among its participants in relation to work in the age of intelligent machines. Convergence is defined by the National Science Foundation as "the deep integration of knowledge, techniques, and expertise from multiple fields to form new and expanded frameworks" (NSF, 2017).

Pre-ECIS Workshop: New Technologies, Organizations and Work

Rapid developments in new technologies such as artificial intelligence, robotics and autonomous systems are having profound impacts on organisations and workers (Brynjolfsson & McAfee, 2016; Ford, 2015). These impacts may occur at the work-practice, organizational and supra- organizational levels (Günther, Mehrizi, Huysman, & Feldberg, 2017) and have contrasting outcomes for different stakeholders.

Pre-ECIS Workshop: The Interplay of Machines and Humans: State of the Art and a Research Agenda for Hybrid Intelligence

There will be a workshop in Portsmouth, UK, on 25 June 2018, immediately before the European Conference on Information Systems, on the topic of The Interplay of Machines and Humans: State of the Art and a Research Agenda for Hybrid Intelligence. Papers for the workshop are due by 30 April 2018.

Report from the Group 2018 Workshop

The WAIM RCN held its first interdisciplinary workshop on January 7, 2018 at the biannual ACM International Conference on Supporting Group Work (GROUP), which was held at the Sundial Beach Resort on Sanibel Island in Florida. The full-day workshop was facilitated by RCN Co-PI Ingrid Erickson along with her Syracuse University colleague, Carsten Østerlund, and University of Michigan colleague, Lionel Robert.

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