Researchers interested in work in the age of intelligent machines

Beth Bechky
New York University
Brian Fisher
Simon Fraser University
Brian Keegan
University of Colorado, Boulder
Brian Lickel
University of Massachusetts Amherst
Brian Pentland
Michigan State University
Caitrin Lynch
Olin College of Engineering
Carsten Østerlund
Syracuse University
Cecliia Aragon
University of Washington
Chad Edwards
Communication and Social Robotics Labs-Western Michigan University
Chien-Ming Huang
Johns Hopkins University
Christoph Peters
University of St. Gallen
Clay Spinuzzi
University of Texas, Austin
Connor Esterwood
University of Michigan, Ann Arbor
Constance Kampf
Aarhus University
Cory Jensen
CyberClean Systems
Crispin Coombs
Loughborough University
Dan Greene
Dan Sholler
University of California, Berkeley
danah boyd
Data and Society Research Institute
Daniel O'Leary
University of Southern California
Daniela Wurhofer
Austrian Institute of Technology