WAIM Convergence Conference: At the Boundary: Exploring Human-AI Futures in Context

Register now for the 2nd WAIM Convergence Conference on the theme At the Boundary: Exploring Human-AI Futures in Context, to be held 14-15 August 2019 at Syracuse University's on the upper east side of Manhattan. (You can register by logging in to the site and clicking the "Register" tab that will appear above.)

Funding is available to support travel for US-based speakers, PhD students and post docs.

About the RCN

Members of the WAIM network are developing the understanding needed to jointly design both sides of the human-technology frontier in work settings and using intelligent machines. Join now by clicking .

Artificial Intelligence and Work: AAAI 2019 Fall Symposium

We seek participants for a two and one-half day symposium to be held 7–9 November 2019 in Washington, DC, USA, to discuss and plan how AI researchers will contribute to research on human work with artificial intelligence.

Call for papers: Organization Science special issue on Emerging Technologies and Organizing

Special Issue Editors
Diane Bailey, Samer Faraj, Pamela Hinds, Georg von Krogh, and Paul Leonardi

Workshop report: Developing Skills to Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines (Pre-HICSS workshop)

A workshop was held 1pm – 4pm, 8 January 2019 in Wailea, HI, before the annual Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences. It was the 4th workshop to be sponsored by the WAIM RCN. The workshop was organized by Elaine Mosconi, Université de Sherbrooke, Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University and Jeffrey Nickerson, Stevens Institute of Technology. The topic was "Developing Skills to Work in the Age of Intelligent Machines", though the discussion ranged more broadly. There were about 50 attendees.

HSS 408-461: Robots + Work

Type: Syllabus
Author: Bernadette Long
Year of Publishing: 2018

Course Description: Humanities senior seminar. Combine current theory with practice to prepare students as socially conscious technology developers. Analyze complex social and technical situations to develop socially appropriate responses through tasks that involve problem analysis, ethical considerations, and technology issues regarding influences on the distribution of jobs and nature of work.

Impacts of machine learning on work

Crowston, K., & Bolici, F.. (2019). Impacts of machine learning on work. Proceedings of the 52nd Hawai'i International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS-52). Wailea, HI. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/10125/60031

Report on Workforce Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles

You can find the report on Workforce Impacts of Autonomous Vehicles .

Effect of Automated Trucks on the Truck Driver Workforce

The report on the NSF-funded workshop, Effect of Automated Trucks on the Truck Driver Workforce, is available. Please see the for the report and other presentations or the direct report .


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