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Jacob McCartney
Michigan State University
United States


Human Resources
Research interests

Worker experiences with new technology, organizational structure, and labor platforms.

My working papers are below, please contact me if you are interested in discussing any of them.

1. Accountability in the platform economy: Examining how workers' felt accountability differs in platform work as compared to full time and traditional gig work. Both contract length and lack of interpersonal interactions (with coworkers and bosses) are discussed.
2. Fundamental limits to labor platform growth: Examining limits to labor platform growth, primarily due to the difficulty of algorithmically coordinating complex tasks and the value of social capital.
3. Coordination over capital: Most research views value creation through the framework of capital. However, this framework often rests on the assumption of stability, as individual elements of capital have no value in and of themselves. Of particular value to WAIM researchers, my paper would show how coordination provides a better framework through which to view the unique strengths of humans over computers and implications for convergence.

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