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Members of the WAIM network are developing the understanding needed to jointly design both sides of the human-technology frontier in work settings and using intelligent machines. Join now by clicking .

WAIM Summer Conference 2022 trip report

Saiph Savage, one of the speakers at the WAIM Summer Conference, posted a nice summary of the event on her .

Announcing the WAIM Doctoral Research Fellows!

The  is delighted to announce the five WAIM Doctoral Research Fellows for the 2021-22 academic year. The Fellows were selected from a highly competitive pool of applicants, which was systematically reviewed by an interdisciplinary panel of judges. Each Fellow will be supported with a $50,000 stipend to support the advancement of their dissertation research.

Using Work System Theory, Facets of Work, and Dimensions of Smartness to Characterize Applications and Impacts of AI

Type: Report
Author: Steven Alter
Year of Publishing: 2020
Keywords: Artificial Intelligence, Algorithm, Work System Theory, Facets of Work, Dimensions of Smartness

This paper presents an approach for describing and characterizing al-gorithms that are discussed as though they embody artificial intelligence. After identifying key assumptions related to algorithms and summarizing work sys-tem theory (WST), this paper uses a hypothetical example to introduces aspects of WST and two additional ideas, facets of work and dimensions of smartness in devices and systems. Next, it applies those ideas to aspects of five AI-related examples presented by entrepreneurs and researchers at an MIT AI conference in July 2020.

JASIST Special Issue on “Artificial Intelligence and Work”

For this special issue of the Journal of the Association for Information Science and Technology (JASIST), we are calling for papers that advance the relationship between artificial Intelligence and work.

Looking for PhD students

I am looking for PhD students interested in working on research about the future of work with intelligent machines, as well as the work on the Gravity Spy citizen science project. Please email if you're interested and want to talk more.


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