A literature Analysis of Research on Artificial Intelligence in Management Information System (MIS)

Publication Type:

Conference Proceedings


Americas Conference on Information Systems (2018)


artificial intelligence, Information Systems, Literature Analysis


This article presents an overview of Artificial Intelligence (AI) research applied in the Management Information System field by analyzing the databases of the AIS journal basket list representing the major international journal on MIS. AN initial set of 438 published papers was identified based on our search criteria. From those, 74 were selected because of their appropriate fit with the research questions. They were organized into domains, type of research, data collection strategy and AI techniques. We found; (1) MIS Quarterly published 42% of the papers; (2) 50% of studies were on Information Systems applications, followed by 15% on Knowledge Management; and (3) 7 AI techniques were presented. This paper provides an overview of applied AI in Management, highlights the most studies related topics and techniques and contributes to a research agenda on the subject.