Cognitive and technological aspects of e-learning in context of robotization

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Cognitive Science – New Media – Education, Volume 3, Issue 2, p.65 (2018)



artificial intelligence worker, Blue Prism automation, intelligent system of feedbacks, robotic process automation


The development of e-learning education led to the emergence of two main problems of such form of education, which are the user-system interaction from the cognitive prospective, and the analysis of massive data received out of students' activity. The development of artificial intelligence concepts and robotic process automation (RPA) tools, both problems might be solved in a more efficient way. The article presents the intelligent system of feedbacks, realized as JavaScript extension to Moodle platform, which intends to strength cognitive output of the preformed learning activity, creating an illusion of the trainer's presence and, therefore, contribute to the resolution of the first problem. The resolution of the second problem is proposed using artificial intelligence worker built in Blue Prism RPA platform, which performs validation of test questions upon strict criteria of selection. Such validation process allows to select the questions which are coherent with the index of complexity and the index of differentiation capacity.