The Future of Work in Developing Economies

Publication Type:

Journal Article


MIT Sloan Management Review, Volume 61, Number 2, p.1–3 (2020)


Armenia, Asia, Austria, automation, Bolivia, Business And Economics–Management, China, Developing countries–LDCs, Employment, future, Georgia (country), Ghana, Impact analysis, Kenya, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, Laos, Republic of North Macedonia, South Korea, Sri Lanka, United States–US, Vietnam, Workers


<p>Much has been written about the rise of automation in developed countries. Economists have been busily creating models seeking to quantify the likely impact of automation on employment. However, far less has been written about the potential effects on work in developing nations. This is surprising, given that automation may be especially troublesome for developing economies. Here, del Sol and Joyce examine the effects of large-scale automation on workers in developing countries.</p>