Employment Transformation through Artificial Intelligence

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We all are moving at pace towards innovative technologies and adopting these technologies, human are being entered into the digital world, where they are going to be facilitated by transformed traditional systems into modern systems. In next few years, most of systems will be smart and able to do anything as human can do. This transformation will be a reason to bring the human into very comfort zone where they will take the advantages of these modern facilities. This transformation will help to government in developing the new aspects of developments in their country .As today, the traditional systems are being smart and intelligence along with that cities are also being smart day by day. This transformation will be a cause of bringing a big revolution for the human’s life across the world. On another side, this transformation will have positive and negative impact on employability in different sectors. India is essentially entering into a new industrial revolution and it is going to wipe out millions of jobs in India. Innovative transformation through industry revolution will restructure the infrastructure and working environment in services as well as in manufacturing industries. Productivity and revenue of industries will be up after replacing existing methods with innovative methods. Basically, these innovative methods will replace the human with intellectual artificial (AI) machines which will transform the working environment of industries partially or entirely. AI Machines will be responsible for transformation in employability across the world. Machine will take control over the human work means in future most of the work will be executed by the Artificial..