The future of work in the light of technological change

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Volume UDC: 005.32:005.95/.96 (2018)



Impact of technology on the labour market, Labour market, Technological unemployment


Abstract: Technological unemployment, a phenomenon that has been relevant for decades, is now
reaching a new dimension. There is a growing number of discussions about whether technology is the
main culprit for the rising trend of unemployment rates around the world, therefore, the paper discusses the impact of technological changes on the labour market. We conducted a survey in Slovenian
companies with more than 100 employees in order to find out their view on replacing workers with
technology, as well as the reasons and consequences of new technology. We discussed the results of our
research and the views, findings and suggestions of various authors. We have found that technological
unemployment is not a simple problem, as this phenomenon is intertwined with various issues, and
that technology presents various dangers which may at first seem less visible.