WAIM Summer Conference 2022—Paper discussion schedule

The Monday schedule is available here.

Breakfast, 8:30-9am.

Zoom link: https://syracuseuniversity.zoom.us/j/95588288991

Session 1 (9–10:30 Tue 7 May 2022)

Group 1A, Sarah Lebovitz

  • Yifan Xu and Elliott Hauser. “Realistic” Robotics— The ethics of imagining service robots
  • Hamsa Bastani, Osbert Bastani and Park Sinchaisri. Improving Human Decision-Making with Machine Learning
  • Jared Jensen. Dissertation Proposal: Investigating How AI Transforms Creative Collaborative in Music
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Group 1B, Bledi Taska

  • Ekaterina Novozhilova, Kate Mays, Benita Dederichs and James Katz. Looking Towards an Automated Future: U.S. Attitudes Towards Future Artificial Intelligence Instantiations and Their Effect
  • Srikanth Jonnada, Ram Dantu, Ishan Ranasinghe and Jeremy Glebe. Cyber-Handyman for Future Work Force
  • Yasmin Mariam.Where is Digital Entrepreneurship leading us to?
  • Yunus Telliel. Engineers, Robots, and Work: Imagining an Inclusive and Just Future?
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Group 1C, Nick Diakopoulos

  • Gudela Grote, Sharon Parker, Kevin Crowston. Organizing AI: A design theory for organizational decision-making on and with AI in networks of accountability
  • Hiba Siraj, Samantha Whitman, Kathleen Pine and Myeong Lee, Risk work in the age of intelligent machines: The informal risk work of individuals during the COVID-19 pandemic
  • Avner Ben-Ner, Ainhoa Urtasun and FNU Adrianto. Who Does What? Theory and Evidence on the Effects of Technology on Division of Labor and Specialization
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Group 1D, Saiph Savage

  • Steve Sawyer, Isabel Munoz and Michael Dunn. Upwork just did what? Studying digital platforms (or how to observe something that does not want to be observed)
  • Yao-Cheng Chan. The Evaluation of Technostress in Human-Robot Encounters
  • Sangmi Kim and Lionel Robert. Title What makes AI a supportive listener? The effects of responses types of a AI on well-being and job satisfaction
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Session 2 (11–12:30 Tue 7 May 2022)

Group 2A, Kevin Crowston

  • Saiph Savage. CAREER: Collaborative Systems to Support Gig Workers
  • John Bautista. Development of the Sociotechnical 3E Framework on Clinician-AI Teamwork: Future of Work at the Human-Technology Frontier Grant Proposal Idea
  • Cameron Piercy. CAREER: Human-Machine Communication as Social Exchange Process
  • Bei Yan. Understanding the Impact of Generative AI on Group Creativity
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Group 2B, Katie Pine

  • Rosemary Steup, Fereshtehossadat Shojaei, Selma Šabanović, Phillip Stafford, Aqueasha Martin-Hammond, Nathan Ensmenger, Hamid Ekbia, Josette Jones and Staša Milojević. Navigating Discontinuities: Practices of Home Health Care Workers
  • Xiaoyu Liu and Jingning Ao. Fake News Alert! Understanding Health Misinformation and Two Combating Tools in Healthcare Management
  • Fereshtehossadat Shojaei, Rosemary Steup, Selma Šabanović, Philip Stafford, Aqueasha Martin-Hammond, Nathan Ensmenger, Hamid Ekbia, Josette Jones and Staša Milojević. Understanding Care Work: Aging, Dementia, and Technology
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Group 2C, Youngjin Yoo

  • Ayse Dagli. Framing, Emotions, Salience: The Future of AI as Seen by Reddit
  • Sreecharan Sankaranarayanan. The ongoing revolution in collaborating around code: A renewed focus on the humans in front of the computer
  • Peter Denno. Cognitive Work in Future Manufacturing Systems: Human-centered AI for Joint Work with Models
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Group 2D, Jeffrey Nickerson

  • Sukwoong Choi, Namil Kim, Junsik Kim and Hyo Kang. How Does AI Improve Human Decision-Making? Evidence from the AI-Powered Go Program
  • Vincent Rice, Evangeline Yang, Katerina Bezrukova, Terri Griffith and Chester Spell. Faultlines and AI: Similarity vs. Complementarity-Based Alignments in Teams
  • Angel Hsing-Chi Hwang and Andrea Stevenson Won. Bittersweet: Social Comparison and Reliance on Partner Competence in Human-Agent Teamwork
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Closing remarks (12:30-1:00pm)

Lunch (1:00-2:00pm)