Education impacts

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Education impacts
  • What are the implications for skills and training and workforce development?
  • What are the implications for competencies? How can we prepare employees for developing new competencies if we don’t know yet which ones these will be?
  • What are the educational foundations that make learning to integrate AI into your work similar to the the foundations that give us platforms and triggers for thinking about whether we do some work as individuals, as team members, outsourced, etc. Acknowledging that we don’t have those examples fully nailed either.
  • What are the skills we should be teaching our future workforce in order to prepare them for working in an environment where they will be cooperating/working alongside with AI.
  • How will the need to code and operate AI as a part of your service delivery or self-representation alter the competency need of employees experiencing deskilling (although they may be very competent in terms of domain-level knowledge?
  • How much do the skills of delivering a service overlap with the skills of developing a system to develop a system? I.e., balance between domain knowledge and system knowledge
  • How should we teach it? How do we address the challenge of deskilling and reskilling an existing workforce as AI revises work activities?