Legal/policy/ethical questions

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Legal/policy/ethical questions
  • What are the legal implications of involving virtual characters in work processes?
  • Who is accountable for AI errors?
  • Ethics - who should be held responsible for a failure in AIA/incorrect diagnosis or recommendation that leads to negative impacts?
  • How do we alleviate privacy concerns when data (needed for machine learning algorithms) is collected for worker development.
  • Issues of misuse of data and how it affects the algorithmic actions: What are the implications for privacy ?
  • How will the role of law influence the progression of intelligent machines?
  • If current workers become the models for the creation of virtual characters who owns the intellectual property? E.g., if a professor is the model, and then the classes are replaced by VCs, does the professor get royalties off of the use of the VC?
  • How are virtual characters being “sold” and “bought”? What are the implications of this for work involving virtual characters?
  • What are the implications for who owns the virtual knowledge <- isnt’ this similar to Google “searches” ?
  • How are the ethical values of intelligent and virtual machines influence the outcomes of their application in workplaces as well as other contexts?
  • Under what circumstances should we have stealth AI?
  • What ethical implications are there when using AI in assessment?
  • What are the ethical challenges of bringing AI into healthcare workplace setting?