Impacts of AI on jobs/careers

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Impacts of AI on jobs/careers
  • What types of jobs/occupations are likely to be displaced by this technology?
  • Is there a difference across different occupations / expertise in terms of impact AI has on their roles? If so, how can we explain this variability?
  • Where is deskilling and upskilling like to emerge?
  • If machines perform highly skilled jobs, what happens to workers that have spent years learning highly specialized skills?
  • If virtual characters do the entry level jobs, how does someone get started in the profession?
    If machines are doing to handle the relatively easy cases and the tough cases are going to be left to humans, how are we going to develop humans that can tackle the tough cases if they don’t have the opportunity to start as novices. The same thing applies to management. If middle management (as in the case of supervision of drivers by Uber) disappears due to automation, how will we develop individuals for top management?
  • How can AI add to managers rather than take away jobs?