Impacts of AI on work practices

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Impacts of AI on work practices
  • How are work practices redefined/ reshaped?
  • What is the process of work transformation?
  • What are the differences between the designs that have been performed collaboratively with end users and the ones that have been done without user-involvement? What is the difference between their content, performance and effects?
  • How “different types of work” may be influenced differently by AI-based tools? For instance, a taxi call center can be fully automated by AI. However, a medical call center may not be amenable to that. Both are similar in nature, yet have unique distinguishing characteristics.
  • Which industries/occupations are likely to be impacted the greatest with the adoption of virtual characters (or systems more generally)?
  • How does the unlimited access to computing, data, automation, and communication networks change the processes and dynamics of the work activities of communication, document sharing, knowledge exchange, and collaboration? How do these changes affect the nature of work? How do we learn to grasp these opportunities? Do we use and AI tool to support this process
  • If virtual characters become front-line service “workers”, which kind of variability do they absorb better than human actors, and where do human actors retain an edge? Arrival variability, request variability, performance variability (of the customer) etc.
  • What are the design implications if machine actors are interacting with other machine actors? Will there be new protocols, languages, or modes of interaction behind the scenes?