Impacts of AI systems on individual workers

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Impacts of AI systems on individual workers
  • How would workers respond to the inclusion of virtual characters and AI agents in the workplace?
  • What are the potential negative consequences of adopting virtual characters in workplace?
  • Will working with intelligent machines (vs. other human workers) make people feel like a machine (i.e. feeling of dehumanization)?
  • How will AI change interpersonal relationships at work, with peers, and bosses for instance?
  • Whether and when people would bond with robots more than human in a team?
  • How might extended use of AIA or VC impact the workers experience/engagement/org commitment?
  • Memory and Imagination, are the two capacities from which other skills grow, so how will interaction and/ dependence on AI intervene in them? What are potential risks? How can those risks affect organizations?
  • What comes to happen to creativity when we get used to using AI as complements to our work?
  • How would AI, algorithm and robots influence the work practice of creative industry, e.g. art, entertainment or literature?
  • How will we develop enough trust in AI to make use of it? For instance - as a manager, you may make more evidence-based decisions, but you are unable to explain how they came about.
  • How is the agency of various stakeholders shaped by the implementation of virtual characters?
  • How are expectations of stakeholders [for what?] going to change?
  • How will the integration of AI systems affect theories related to incentives? E.g. CEOs incentivized toward stock performance/valuation...but what if AI is making the major contributions?