AI-enabled recruiting: What is it and how should a manager use it?

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Business Horizons, Elsevier Ltd, Volume 63, Number 2, p.215–226 (2020)



AI-enabled recruiting, artificial intelligence, Digital recruiting technology, Human resources


AI-enabled recruiting systems have evolved from nice to talk about to necessary to utilize. In this article, we outline the reasons underlying this development. First, as competitive advantages have shifted from tangible to intangible assets, human capital has transitioned from supporting cast to a starring role. Second, as digitalization has redesigned both the business and social landscapes, digital recruiting of human capital has moved from the periphery to center stage. Third, recent and near-future advances in AI-enabled recruiting have improved recruiting efficiency to the point that managers ignore them or procrastinate their utilization at their own peril. In addition to explaining the forces that have pushed AI-enabled recruiting systems from nice to necessary, we outline the key strategic steps managers need to take in order to capture its main benefits.