Implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI): A Roadmap for Business Model Innovation

Publication Type:

Journal Article


AI, Volume 1, Number 2, p.180–191 (2020)


artificial intelligence, business model innovation, business models, implementation


Technical advancements within the subject of artificial intelligence (AI) leads towards development of human-like machines, able to operate autonomously and mimic our cognitive behavior. The progress and interest among managers, academics and the public has created a hype among many industries, and many firms are investing heavily to capitalize on the technology through business model innovation. However, managers are left with little support from academia when aiming to implement AI in their firm's operations, which leads to an increased risk of project failure and unwanted results. This paper aims to provide a deeper understanding of AI and how it can be used as a catalyst for business model innovation. Due to the increasing range and variety of the available published material, a literature review has been performed to gather current knowledge within AI business model innovation. The results are presented in a roadmap to guide the implementation of AI to firm's operations. Our presented findings suggest four steps when implementing AI: (1) understand AI and organizational capabilities needed for digital transformation; (2) understand current BM, potential for BMI, and business ecosystem role; (3) develop and refine capabilities needed to implement AI; and (4) reach organizational acceptance and develop internal competencies.