Artificial Intelligence and its Role in Near Future

Publication Type:

Journal Article


Journal of LATEX CLass Files, Volume 14, Issue 8, p.1-11 (2015)


AI technology has long history which is actively and constantly changing and growing. It focuses on intelligent agents, which contains devices that perceives environment and based on which takes actions in order to maximize goal success chances. In this paper, we will explain the modern AI basics and various representative applications of AI. In context of modern digitized world, Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the property of machines, computer programs and systems to perform the intellectual and creative functions of a person, independently find ways to solve problems, be able to draw conclusions and make decisions. Most artificial intelligence systems have the ability to learn, which allows people to improve their performance over time. The recent research on AI tools, including machine learning, deep learning and predictive analysis intended toward increasing the planning, learning, reasoning, thinking, and action taking ability. Based on which, the proposed research intended towards exploring on how the human intelligence differs from the artificial intelligence. In addition, on how and in whay way, the current artificial intelligence is clever than the human beings. Moreover, we critically analyze what the state-of-the art AI of today is capable of doing, why it still cannot reach human level intelligence and what are the open challenges existing in front of AI to reach and outperform human level of intelligence. Furthermore, it will explore the future predictions for artificial intelligence and based on which potential solution will be recommended to solve it within next decades.